Silent Film Performances


On Tuesday May 17th, 2011 at 7:00 pm, students presented a silent film production which featured live sound performances at the Sushi Performance Art Center in downtown San Diego. Students adapted eleven short stories written by classic and contemporary authors into 5 minute films. The films screened were completely silent; all sound came from the students’ performances of original live scores, Foley sound effect work and turntable mixes. Their process of development is archived here. The following videos are their final products presented in the order as they were performed.

Please note: The beauty of live performance is the magic and energy it brings to an audience in real time. Nuance, spatial sound and gestural motion is often lost when trapped in two-dimensional video archives. Below, the films are encoded with rough cut sound mixes from student rehearsals. As you watch the these films, try to imagine that every sound effect, sample and underscore is triggered live.


Happy Endings
Written by Margaret Atwood


Adapted by Dorian Davies, Emilie Colwell, Libbby Simpson and Andres Gonzales


In the Night
Written by Varlom Shalam

Adapted by Beth Lacarra, Robert Pearlman, Noah Rozenberg, Evan Falkenthal and Marc Curry


The Necklace
Written by Guy de Maupassant

Adapted by Liseth Reyes, Connie Hernandez, Brent Springer and Jenny Caiza


Written by Hannah Botany

Adapted by Danny Toscano, Alia Boynton, Christian Ostergaard and Constance Abram


The Lottery

Written by Shirley Jackson

Adapted by Janae Noland, Alana Evans, Nicki Acosta and Sarah Wright


The Barbie Birthday

Written by Alison Townsend

Adapted by Kim Mason, Erica Panado, Shannon Merrill and Osamah Elhams


The Hit Man

Written by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Adapted by Marcus Alexander, Kurt Newcomb, William Schneider,

Eli Barber and Akari Adisa


The Personal Touch

Written by Chet Williamson

Adapted by Richie Pedrena, Vanessa Siebold, Brynn O’Quinn and Ashley Kruger


The Bank Robber

Written by Steven Schutzman

Adapted by Nolberto Amezquita, Francisco Bahena, Jimmy Flores

and Absolom Maniwong-Schlottman



Written by Katherine Weber

Adapted by Holly Ryan, Ryan Van Vechten, Cassandra Orozco and Evrin Peavy



Written by Unknown

(Classic Japanese Myth)

Created by Lynn Le, Shannon Sweet,  Nikita Atrash and Perla Aguilera.

In this instance, students developed their story through animation. Due to the amount of commitment involved with hand drawing and detailed motion graphics programming, students worked until the very end on visuals alone. Their sound score was embedded to video rather than live. However, their final product was incredible. Click here to view it.

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